Doctor Who Bucket List

I’m a rather newishFire Poi fan of Doctor Who—got my start mid-2012 when I was dealing with some heavy emotional stuff and needed a distraction. What a distraction it was! :-) I instantly fell in love with the dramatic yet not-too-serious story arcs, the character of the Doctor, the non-technical (sometimes hand-wavey) science, and the TARDIS’ capability of traveling through both time and space, time travel always being a particular favorite of mine.

And while I quickly got caught up and current with the new series and 1996 movie, I only started to watch Classic Who earlier this year. What a delight! I quickly came to adore Barbara and Ian and am quite fond of Vicki and William Hartnell’s First Doctor. I’m still only on the third season (1965) but have realized I now have an ever-developing bucket list of Doctor Who-related items.

Doctor Who Bucket ListThe Next Doctor's Air Balloon Tardis

Actually quite a truncated list, no? The above are all things I believe I could reasonably accomplish. Writing an official novel or script, meeting William Russell, Jenna Coleman, Catherine Tate, John Barrowman, any of the Doctors… well, those are dreams which may or may not be Dream Crab-induced. The pics above are a couple things on my non-Who-related bucket list.

I’d love to hear what’s on your Doctor Who Bucket List!


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