The Globe and Other Bits!

The Globe stageThe past few days we’ve done things I’ve really been excited for. Wednesday evening, we went to the Globe Theatre, a faithful reconstruction of what Shakespeare’s stage would have been like. It was neat—an multi-story, open-air theatre, with copious standing room on the ground level. We saw a modern play called Anne Boleyn, by Howard Brenton, that was apparently a smash hit last year when it premiered here. I can understand why. A truly compelling work—with humor, drama, romance, and religion—it was the first time I’d heard discussion linking Anne Boleyn’s part in England’s separation from Rome with King James I and his new bible. Maybe I just haven’t read enough about James’ time period yet. In any case, I found it fascinating and well done by the actors. The woman who played Anne Boleyn, Miranda Raison, was perfectly charismatic and smart, yet completely sympathetic. The program listed her as having been on the newest incarnation of Dr. Who, and I can certainly see a rising star for her. I found it interesting that the man who played King Henry VIII had also played ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­William Carey in the BBC version of The Other Boleyn Girl. Many of the other actors had also done a variety of stage, tv, and film work, proving their versatility.

The GlobeAfter the play, we stopped along the river Thames (the theatre is right alongside it) to do some night photography, where I captured this shot. That’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge (aka bridge destroyed in Harry Potter!) in the background.

Night along the ThamesGoing back a day to Tuesday, guess what we did? Went to Stonehenge! One of the places I was most excited about since the beginning. I felt a little rushed, actually, as we only had an hour there, but it was amazing nonetheless. Quite a feeling; I wished I could’ve come over early to participate in the Summer Solstice rituals the Druids always hold.

StonehengeComing to today, Thursday, we saw a couple of places just as interesting—well, to me anyway. Today we stopped off at Platform 9 ¾ of Harry Potter fame! Got a pic of me about to go through the wall, with my little shopping cart. The funny thing (and irritating for a true fan) was that it had been moved—outside!! Platform 9 ¾ is temporarily not even between platforms 9 and 10 of the tube station, due to improvements/construction going on in that area. So it was a little odd and disappointing not to be able to see it in its true placement.

Platform 9 3/4Tomorrow we’re off to Paris—some for the whole weekend, me and a few others just for the day—so I’m sure I’ll have lots to share when I get back!


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