Street Wise: The Buildings of London

The past couple of days has involved an amazing coach tour around London and visits to Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and a journey aboard the London Eye. There were so many incredible sights, both historic and modern, that I thought you might enjoy a little mini-tour by photo.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

 Westminster Abbey trees

These gnarled tree formations in front of Westminster Abbey really struck me: the design of Nature, alongside the architecture of Man. Beauty has many forms.

Westminster windows
Westminster cloister windows
Westminster closeup

I love the weathered pockmarks old buildings grow. This little detail inside the newer cloisters of Westminster Abbey really piqued my curiosity; what is it? A cross, a lady, and a triple spiral?

And now for some ordinary streets and buildings, which just happen to have some extraordinary interest and architecture.London street

City of London crest

City of London crest

London building

Sherlock Holmes Restaurant



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