London vs. Paris Smackdown!

It’s day two of my sojourn in London, and I have a dilemma. Should I stay, or should I go?

Tree path

Today I walked a bit, got oriented to the neighborhood some more, and thought about which path to take...

For our last weekend here, we’re going to Paris. There are required activities for us to participate in on Friday, but we have the option of heading back to London Friday night or remaining à Paris for the duration of the weekend. I, of course, signed up to stay in Paris for the full weekend. Who wouldn’t? It’s an incredible opportunity to see the City of Lights. Who wouldn’t—an Anglophile, that’s who.

Despite the fact that I studied French, beginning with a summer class when I was pretty young—like maybe seven or eight—and despite the fact that I AM interested in seeing Paris and (moreso) the French countryside and Brittany, I’m kinda not feeling it right now. I am much more into exploring London, England, Wales, and Cornwall, far and wide.

A typical London street

A typical London street.

Yes, more than likely I will have a good time if I stay in Paris for a weekend. Yes, I will get to eat real French baguettes, cheese, produce, and taste some wine. There is Versailles, more of the Louvre to see, the catacombs, and even the Museum of the Erotic. I will have fun, and probably more than expected.

typical English pigeons

Typical English pigeons.

On the other hand, there’s the Tower of London, the Twinings Tea Museum, Portobello Road, Wales, Cornwall, Bath, Brighton, Avebury, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Cotswolds and Cottingley (famous for its fairies), and many, many other places within the realm that I’d love to see. And you guessed it—none of these are included in the official itinerary for our three weeks here. So I’d have to go and see them on my own time, of which there is precious little.

Decisions, decisions… I guess I need to figure out if the ticket to Paris is refundable or not first, eh? What would you do?


7 thoughts on “London vs. Paris Smackdown!

  1. Cornwall! Have you ever seen the Poldark Saga (or better yet, read it)? Or seen the Doc Martin series? How could you resist? I’ve been working on my family genealogy and so many of them came from Cornwall from 1100-1500. I’m dying to go there. If you do, and you see the village of Penrose, think of me!

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