London Calling…

Arrived in London today, safe and sound, tired and hungry, and in awe of the immense number of Harry Potter look-alikes. Well, maybe not immense, but I did see one in Heathrow. Then I saw a Sayid Jarrah look-alike on the streets surrounding my flat. :-)

My first meal in London was at Hason Raja, an Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant minutes from our flat. It was all very mild but nicely done nonetheless and just what I needed at the end of a looong day. I just wish they hadn’t stooped to using such foul language.

Hor AppetizerThis opinionated Paneer Shashlik was my appetizer: onions, peppers, tomatoes, and yummy paneer cubes, marinated in light spices and yogurt, grilled in a clay oven. (Still not sure what the sauce letters really stand for.)

Butternut Squash and a Huge Freakin' Pepper!

My main dinner consisted of a milder-than-mild, no heat included (despite the impressive-looking pepper above) dish called Kalonji Sitafol. Described as “butternut squash cooked with curry leaves and Kalonji (Nigella seeds, black onion seeds),” it was actually quite good. I’m pretty sure it was *pumpkin* but quite nice nonetheless.

What wasn’t so nice was being treated like sub-human idiots, who must be fabulously wealthy to boot. Just a very strange, changeable attitude from the staff. Upon reflection, I think we definitely paid too much even though everyone pretty much enjoyed their meals. Perhaps Londoners already know this, which is why the dining room looked mostly like this:

empty dining room

*crickets chirping*

Not a bad first meal, but there is definitely much more to explore in the way of London’s Indian restaurants. Let’s hope I have time to sample many more!


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