YouTube Video Voodoo Hootube

A while back I started a YouTube channel, just for myself, so I could have a collection of my favorite videos. It’s grown considerably since then. Here’s a guide to what’s playing now on Scarlet Tartlet tv.


Music Monday –Every Monday, I post a new  music video of a song I love. I haven’t predetermined their order; I just post whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. Still, they usually end up having pretty good flow.

Music Monday II –Part two. Because too-long playlists are supposedly annoying.

30 Day Song Challenge #2 –via Facebook. I’ve posted my answers to this in order here, although I’m still finishing. Will probably move on to the original 30 Day Song Challenge afterwards.

Library Humor –Not sure if anyone but librarians will find these funny, but here they are. In its infancy.

Foodie Food –Cooking and food-related vids.

I’ve Got the Funnies –Generally humorous vids.

Animals! –Coming soon.

London Vids –Arriving anon.


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