I Am Not a Food Blogger

French Toast Sandwich with Egg, Veggie Sausage, Maple Syrup

Cafe Mojo's French Toast Sandwich

I have come to this sad, disappointing realization recently. Disappointing because, as you may have gathered, I’m a little bit of a foodie. I’ve always admired those blogs with juicy, rainbow-colored photos and newly re-interpreted recipes galore. Restaurant reviews, foodie rants and raves, chef interviews, newfangled utensils and tried-and-true-ware. Some of my favorite food blogs are listed to the right in the blogroll, and I know there are many I have yet to discover and explore.

So naturally, being a writer and junior foodie—I’m not nearly as obsessive or knowledgeable as some—I aspired to emulate those established in the trade and started this blog with hopes of delectable vegetarian food blogginess. Yet I find myself writing more about my journey through graduate school and within the library world, about my cats, about issues and pop culture, even a bit about astrology. And even though I’ve missed a couple of weeks recently, I’m also pretty darned consistent in sharing music with you every Monday. What I haven’t been as steady with are the food posts.

So for the future of the Scarlet Tartlet, I hope to write more book reviews and perhaps more website reviews. I’d like to post more photos and videos. I’ll definitely have more travel-related posts, as I’m required to do one post per day while in London for my classes this summer. I’ll continue to share that which strikes my fancy or incurs my wrath and consternation; the music will keep on coming; and, of course, more kitty pics and Caturday posts will pounce sporadically onto the page.

Who knows, I may even have a few recipes and restaurant reviews now and again, as dining out and cooking are two of my favorite activities. I read food blogs all the time. It’s almost inevitable. However, I can’t and won’t promise anything in this area anymore. Just thought you should know.


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