Caturday Kitteh Update!

I’m pleased to inform you that Tahini, newest member of the SE bungalow’s feline family, is settling in just fine and with much aplomb. (Min, I’m sure, would add, “Too much aplomb.”) The first night I let her out to roam free and mingle with the other kitties, she and Romeo both shared my lap, one on each leg. Since then she’s taken to hiding and pouncing out at him in play-attack mode, which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like (so hard to tell with Libras) because he hasn’t been feeling well. (Romo has a food allergy of some sort, and so we’re on to the giddily expensive type of cat food so he can absorb all his  nutrients, gain some weight back, and stop throwing up.) Anyway, she loves trying to play with Min, too, which——I can assure you——Min hates. (Lots of hissing and haughty looks. No all-out fights yet, thankfully.) Minuet is a dignified lady, after all, and only plays alone or with me, on her own rarefied schedule.

Ta-neeners (Tahini) and Clover seem to get along best. This is both cute, because they’re sisters-in-orange, and surprising, because Clover was the one who used to hiss and mewl at her the most through the window when Tahini still lived next door (and was outdoors a lot). Maybe the name change from Trixie (ugh) to Tahini did it. Maybe they realized the dictates of astrology will not be ignored: Clover’s an adventurous/clumsy Sag, affectionate Cancer rising, and Tahini’s a similarly affectionate Cancer (unknown ascendant at this point, although she did *also* fall down my spiral staircase, like Clover, a couple times already…). Whatever the reason, they seem to have bonded fairly quickly, and I even caught them playing together for the first time the other day! Aww. They have taken to chasing each other around the house almost daily.

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Perhaps you remember my post from back in February about the tragedy surrounding her former home and how much it affected me. I have been looking ever since on the animal rescue sites for Butterscotch, Tahini’s twin sister and January run-away, but so far with no luck. Even though that would take my kitty count up to five (holy shnikies!), and I *never* thought I’d have more than three wonderful cats, I’d adopt Butterscotch in a heartbeat so she and her sister could be together again. Plus, when I was taking care of her and handsome Chance, she was just as cute and sweet as Tahini. I don’t know if this will ever happen; as the months go by, I doubt more and more that it will. I just hope that some other nice cat person found her soon after she ran off, scooped her little sandy-orange butt off the street, and is now lavishing her with attention, play, and good food. Good luck to you, little  Butters.


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