No Kidding: Why is It “Selfish” to Be Childfree? | Bitch Media

“Why are women’s choices always labeled negatively?” indeed. This viewpoint is possibly the most hateful and most insidious, if you ask me, opinion of being childfree. Some people believe it wholeheartedly and venomously, some just assume that the two are related. I don’t even think it qualifies as a rational argument.

In this post from her No Kidding blog series at Bitch Media, Brittany Shoot highlights common myths related to selfishness and women who are childfree, while also pointing out that men often aren’t held to the same standard. What do you think? Have you or someone you know ever been called selfish for not having children? How did it make you feel, and how did you respond?

No Kidding: Why is It “Selfish” to Be Childfree? | Bitch Media.


3 thoughts on “No Kidding: Why is It “Selfish” to Be Childfree? | Bitch Media

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  2. it drives me crazy that this one choice makes me selfish. i think it’s completely the opposite. i’m entire unselfish enough to think about someone else’s circumstances and future over mine.

    and what’s the deal with having to defend it all the time, anyway? sheesh. get over it already, parents. you chose to have kids, enjoy it. i chose not to. let me enjoy that. because no matter how much you may try to guilt me, it will never change my mind.

    thanks for sharing the blog series!

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