No Kidding: Jennifer Aniston, We Hardly Know You | Bitch Media

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Brittany Shoot’s second article on being childfree focuses on the pressure celebrities, too, face concerning mommyhood (and singlehood). As she puts it, “…how many times do you think Jen has had to defend her womb, her supposed selfishness, what is perhaps simply her prerogative to opt out of biological motherhood?” Exactly.

The “Jen” in question is, of course, actor Jennifer Aniston, who’s supposedly had to suffer through the creation and expansion (seemingly ad infinitum) of her ex-husband’s brood with his new wife. As much as I’m a devout Angelina fan–for her humanitarian works as much as for her quirkiness and past goth aesthetic–I have to admit that it’s truly annoying and problematic that she’s continually held up as some sort of sexy mother-goddess, while Jen’s pitied and hounded because she’s single and doesn’t have kids.

Um, did anyone else besides me catch that she’s constantly playing in Cabo with her friends? That she always looks radiantly happy in photos? You know what–I don’t think Aniston gives a shit. Not anymore, and possibly never. If she wanted to have kids, either through childbirth, a surrogate, or adoption, she could have by now, many times over. I bet she looks at the Pitt-Jolie soccer team of a family and sighs a big, heavy breath of relief. In any case, can the media please stop focusing on her familial status and start berating her for something else, say her downward spiral on the silver screen?

No Kidding: Jennifer Aniston, We Hardly Know You | Bitch Media.


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