Today I am older than some and younger than many. I sometimes feel like I lost a decade somewhere years ago, probably because someone stole it from me, and I’m just now 23 or 26. At other times, I imagine I feel 45 or 63. In order to make myself supremely happy and relaxed, to forget the stress tension in the crook of my neck and the dangling side mirror on my car, today I play one of my favorite songs since I was little, from one of my favorite albums and artists. It instantly calms me and melts away any cynicism. Possibly my favorite love song/poem.


Julia by John Lennon

2 thoughts on “Julia by John Lennon

  1. This is a wonderful post. (Don’t think I’ve ever commented after reading, so I thought I would today, since I feel like I could have written this entry!) Julia is one of my favorite songs from childhood too, and exists everywhere I go (iPod, backup cd in the car) for really bad days. I just shook my head when reading this. If good writing requires relating to people, I can tell you that you’ve got that nailed down!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I really appreciate your comments here and on Facebook. :-)

    I’ve become sad now that I realized I only have the Imagine soundtrack on cassette tape and haven’t yet acquired an analog-to-digital converter. A lot of my favorite music is still on cassette. Thankfully, I have still have a portable radio (dare I say it… “boombox”) that plays tapes and a tape player in my car. But I really want to convert everything so I can play them on my iPhone or a cd. Still love tapes, though. Analog 4evah! Lol

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