WTF Monday?

Most stressful, up-and-down morning of 2011 yet. Stayed up late finishing homework= tired. Unsure if my new kitten had a head injury (she’s fine, thankfully!)= worried sick. Unable to find Romeo anywhere in the house, after looking everywhere 3+ times, and convinced he’s dead or escaped and ran away= desolate crying (he finally appeared, like a ghost, from nowhere). Being told I CAN’T defer the $2000+ I owe for London until summer, even though I was assured I could previously= a lotta money being owed immediately, which I don’t have= WTF (I’m bitterly laughing at this point).

On the other hand, I guess you could say it wasn’t an unlucky day since a) I got everything done I needed to for my classes  b) Tahini, the kitten, is healthy and uninjured  c) Romeo seems fine and is safely in the house  d) the nice lady at FSU’s International office offered to let me make three large payments (ugh) instead of one obscenely corpulent one.

At this point, I just want a massage and to relax in a hot tub with a supremely dirty martini for the rest of the day. Can I?


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