It’s a Rabbit Year

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, that is. Does this mean we’ll all be more productive? Here’s hoping for prolific blogging and abundant hopping in clovered fields.

Rabbit small

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It looks like I haven’t posted anything besides music since December. Here’s what I’ve been doing:    visiting my family in the land of cheese        being upset about my mom’s setback in her recovery from a stroke        cooking my first chicken *ever* –boneless, skinless breasts, brined overnight, and apparently it was delicious–(for the fam on Christmas; I didn’t partake)        finishing up my first semester of grad school with a 4.0        pleading with my parents to let me drive the Oldsmobile back to the Blue Ridge        sighing helplessly as my Buick clunked out on New Year’s Eve        frolicking with friends on New Year’s         immediately acquiring the cold-that-hung-on-forever on New Year’s Day        taking cabs and bumming rides to work        being ecstatically surprised that my parents let my sis drive the Olds down here so I can have a working car (w/working ac!)        enjoying a mini-staycation with my sis        fully embracing karaoke once again        going to lots of meetings        saying goodbye to a friend        enduring a horrible 24 hours where I thought I owed the government over $8000–payable in two days (because of some scammers)        beginning my second semester of grad school        experiencing a Western opera trying to figure out all the crap paperwork I have to fill out in order to go to London in the summer        doing my taxes and FAFSA        getting back to yoga and trying to exercise more in general        feeling like my life has become a series of lists to complete        and a few more things I’d rather keep to myself. Have I started on my 2011 reading list yet? Nope. But can you blame me?

So the first month of 2011 seemed promising for a second… yeah. But I am working on my perseverance and self-discipline; these challenges will not defeat me. Financial and legal stuff stresses me out the most, so I guess I’m getting some lessons there on how to deal with it all. Did I mention Saturn’s currently transiting my natural chart’s 8th house of other people’s money? (Natural chart being with Pisces, my sun sign, on the 1st house, instead of my actual natal chart, where Saturn’s in the 11th. I find I feel the transits from my natural chart a lot more more than from my natal.) Take it from me, Saturn in the 8th house is not all that pleasant. It wasn’t that great when it was in my 7th, and my relationship busted apart, either, but–honestly–that was easier to deal with and move on from.

Something I also noticed recently is that I don’t tend to post a lot of more personal entries, like this one. I tend to want to write around a topic or theme, but that strikes me as a little constructed when it’s all I do, you know? And then I read friends’ blogs where they’re sooo good at writing the beautiful, chaotic truth of their lives. Truth is, it’s hard for me to share my struggles or less appealing qualities and experiences. Perhaps it’s my happy-g0-lucky Sagittarius rising, not wanting to be a burden on anyone, or my natal Saturn in Leo pride, taking myself too seriously, and not wanting anyone to see the cracks. I’m working on it. I hope to share more of myself this year, along with the usual topic-based posts. Hope you don’t mind.

And if you notice I start posting only music for a while, please don’t abandon me or take offense–I’m just trying to hop back to the burrow, away from pitch-toothed predators, so I can happily get back to making  mochi.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Rabbit Year

  1. What a beautiful post. You’ve had quite a trying past couple of months. Maybe Phil’s prediction today means an early Spring for you too.

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