I first fell in love with this band while studying in Cork, circa 1998, when I heard “Whippin’ Piccadilly” gambol through the speakers of a Virgin megastore. This was one of the few times where I actually asked the clerk what was currently playing and bought the cd right there and then. It subsequently followed me in my archaeological journey through mainland Ἑλλάς (Greece) and helped score this Irish-led excursion to my other spiritual homeland (Éire being the first).

Strange but true… when I recall the steep bus ride up to beautiful Delphi, surrounded by cypress and olive trees, strains of this UK band are in the background.

It’s been that long, but Bring It On is still one of my favorite complete albums. Each song leads to the next with assured musical logic and lyricism. I couldn’t pick just one song for your Music Monday sample, so please enjoy two. They are tracks three and four.


Make No Sound and 78 Stone Wobble by Gomez

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