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I am one today! Well, my blog is, that is. Last Christmas eve, during another holiday Mercury retrograde period, I started a blog called You Went Where?–I intended it to focus mostly on food and travel. Funny thing that…starting a travel blog with no cash to travel. Or a food blog with no cash to buy ingredients or dine out. Lol   In any case, the blog has obviously morphed into the Scarlet Tartlet (name courtesy of R, the mountain owlet–thanks!), my little corner of the librarian/music/cats/foodie world.

I was hoping to commemorate my 1st blogiversary by successfully kicking NaBloPoMo‘s ass this month, but I bombed. Here’s what I’ve been doing instead:

  • finishing my first semester of graduate school
  • being promoted to full-time at my job
  • composing my first bibliographic essay and annotated bibliography
  • writing a paper on the evils of the Google-Verizon net proposal to the FCC
  • rescuing two new stray kitties (Chance and Butterscotch), taking too-thin Romeo to the vet, and worrying about injured (and capture-elusive) stray, Roger Sterling
  • flying home to see my family for the holidays
  • eating an obscene amount of Cousins subs and pumpkin pie
  • sleeping in
  • making Christmas Eve dinner (boneless, skinless chicken breasts over wild rice, cheesy broccoli smashed potatoes, asparagus) for my parents, one sister, and one nephew
  • cooked chicken for the very first time! And it came out juicy and flavorful! (according to them–no, I didn’t partake)
  • making Christmas Day butternut squash soup for the rest of the fam
  • streaming my way through Stargate: SG1 on Netflix
  • contemplating my own holiday traditions (or, in some cases, the lack thereof)
  • Elfing my coworkers
  • catching up on my blog reading
  • wondering what the F*$% is Carilion’s problem
  • organizing my Firefox bookmarks
  • collecting LIS scholarship links/information
  • trying to convince my too-protective parents to let me drive their Olds home to Virginia next week (instead of flying)
  • looking forward to Candlemas/Imbolc/Lá le Bríd
  • making some 2011 goals, which includes a 2011 reading list, being a better correspondent, and summer classes in London

What are your resolutions or goals for the New Year?

NaBloPoMo Losers


2 thoughts on “Blogiversary!

  1. Hey, happy anniversary! You asked for my goals/resolutions for the new year, and I must admit I have none. But you inspired me to get on it! My goal will probably be related to finances….
    Happy eleven!
    Donna W.

  2. Forget NaBloPoMo’s rules and rituals – you’ve had some great blog posts this month AND you’ve been doing so many amazing, incredible things! And that dinner you made sounds divinely delicious.

    Still meditating on the New Year resolutions … may post something on them soon :) Miss you!

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