Some Tartlet Love

I’ve had a full (somewhat too full) day at work today. Libraryworld, in both my classes and my job, is lately seeming to wrest the best brain cells outta my head and not leave much left for blogging (or sleeping). I didn’t even have time till just now to continue on with my National Blog Posting Month mission, nor do I even know what to post. So since I’m coming up dry, I thought I’d share a little blog love and help you float on over to some other tartlet blogs. Most seem to be at least partially concerned with cooking and food, although one’s a dating blog, and a good number of them seem to be on hiatus but still have some interesting stuff up.

the kitchen tartlet.

Lemon Tartlet and the Dust Bunnies

tartlet, tartlet, tartlet.

Texas Tartlet

The Urban Tarlet

And for my Japanese readers:

Strawberry * Tartlet

Yeah. I have no idea what that one’s about.


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