In Praise of the Cousins Sub

“Better bread, better subs.”

three cheese club from Cousins

Can't wait to devour one of these puppies again soon!

I bet many of you haven’t yet had the pleasure of a Cousins sub; to this I say, hie thee to a franchise anon! If you like grinders, hoagies, zeps, bombers, or heros, you will delight in the Cousins sub.

What makes it different from other restaurants’ long sandwich, you ask? After all, in my area alone there are Blimpies, Quiznos, and Subways galore. There is even a Zero’s and a Firehouse Subs. In my opinion, though, it is truly the bread that makes the sandwich. How many times have you had a sub filled to the brim with lovely cheese and veggies (perhaps some meat for you omnivores), oil and vinegar, or maybe some mayo or mustard… only to have this delicious creation ruined by soggy bread? Uh huh, me, too. And I’ll say it–in my experience, Subway, you’re the worst. I don’t know why you’re the biggest sub chain in the country. Your bread’s droopy, bland, and easily sogged up. Cousins does their bread right–crusty and flaky on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.

Anyway, as I live outside the blessed realm of Cousins stores, I wait all year long to enjoy my favorite, the Three Cheese Club, extra mayo (see pic above). It’s a testament to my undying love for them, and to my parent’s understanding of said affection, that my mom and dad always know the first stop after the airport is a Cousins. Did I mention they have really fresh, hot fries, too, which are the best fries I’ve ever had? (If you know me and my love of the mighty potato, that’s saying a lot.) When I was a teen and used to eat fish and fowl, I really liked the turkey and seafood salad ones as well (not sure they have that last one anymore). I guess it’s also important to mention that I prefer my subs cold, not heated, although Cousins does it both ways. Only 13 more days till my next sub…  :-)

Cousins Subs was founded in 1972 in Milwaukee, WI. Cousins on Facebook. I have never been paid or compensated in any way to show such zealous support for them, nor to talk smack about their competitors.


2 thoughts on “In Praise of the Cousins Sub

  1. I love Cousins! It’s one of my favorite stops when I go back to the Milwaukee area. My favorite part is their sauces and marinated onions — fresh and light and tasty and totally unlike any other sub chain. I certainly don’t miss Wisconsin weather, but I do miss Wisconsin food!

  2. I was treated this weekend to some surprise cheese curds and was very content. :-)

    I look forward to my Cousins visits (multiple, of course), and to Culver’s and LeDuc’s. Funny enough, I also always look forward to going to Noodles & Company, which is a chain that we don’t have down here in the Blue Ridge.

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