Clover says “What?”

“I suppose you think doing your homework and watching hulu is more important than petting me.  Or playing with me and my ribbon.”

No–no, I don’t think it’s more important…well, right now it’s more important, but not in the grand scheme of things, Clover-Bover.

Clover says "What?"

You talking to me?

“Don’t fucking ‘Clover-Bover’ me. I know you. Today’s gonna be one of those days that are ALL about you, wherein you won’t pet me for hours. Romeo may be okay with just sleeping next to you while you blatantly ignore his innate cuteness, but I am not. I, Mommy, am on strike for the rest of this Saturday. Try and find me, call for me, shake the food bag…alright, if you shake the food bag, I’ll come. But otherwise, prepare yourself for a horrific day of abject loneliness while I sleep with my back to you in the chair right over there or try and devise some new way to piss Min off a few feet away, instead of purring incessantly while you pet me on your lap. TAKE THAT.”

Okay, Clo-Bo, see you later. I’m gonna do my homework now.



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