Hiatus over; sweeps month coming?

So it’s been a while, and I feel like I’m finally approaching the right head-space from which to blog again. I truly enjoy sharing some of my experiences here, but it’s been a difficult time lately… mostly because my mom had another stroke. She has suffered in the past few years from multiple TIA‘s (also sometimes called “mini-strokes”), but this was a full-on, major stroke. This was back in March, right before my birthday.

My mom and I have always been pretty close; needless to say, I couldn’t really muster for the blog for a while. But she’s progressing, slowly but surely, and the itch to write, sample new recipes, and take wacky photos just won’t quit. I do regret not capturing in words and pictures some of the places I’ve been and dishes I’ve made in the past two months, but onwards and upwards! Besides, I definitely need to make that incredible pasta again, with what I’m calling my “Irresistible Sauce.” :-)  Stay tuned!


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