Potlucks galore

So in my group of friends, there are at least two potlucks going on every week. Unfortunately, they’re both held on the same night, so I tend to switch off between them. The first one to be established by my friend—let’s call her Luna—consists of mostly young liberal environmentalists, many of whom prefer to eat organic and local whenever possible. A few vegetarians/vegans, but mostly farm-to-the-table-type folks and more interest in the Weston A. Price diet than you’d think.

A lively group, we’ve started pairing themes with our dinners, and today is, of course, “(Pot)Luck in Love.” No further details yet on what that will entail…lots of hearty red sauces? Chocolate mole or desserts? Heart-shaped casseroles? I’ll report back after tonight.

Our last theme in January was quite naughty: “Gluten-Free Phallic Food and Vegan Balls,” by request of the Birthday Girl being celebrated that night. For one of the yummy “vegan ball” recipes and a great photo, check out Cupcake Punk’s entry here. There was also a platter of raw meat in the shape of, well…Phallic Raw Meat


2 thoughts on “Potlucks galore

    • It’s been brought to my attention (by she who shaped them) that the big raw-nchy meatballs in my last post are actually kofta. Not just raw meat but a delicate blend of herbs and spices, yadda yadda: parsley (or cilantro, if you like that kind of crap), allspice, cinnamon, salt and pepper, and all the garlic your heart desires. I think kofta’s usually cooked or grilled, so therein lies the difference.

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