Let’s start at the very beginning…

Home. I’ve traveled back to southeastern Wisconsin to see my family for the holidays. Didn’t go to too many places at first because of the weather and the normal family events. Here’s a shot from off my parents’ front porch:

A wintry shot of my parents' porch It’s very pretty, isn’t it? Yes, it is—until it turns slushy, brown, and gross and sticks around for six months out of the year. I think I’ve always known that I couldn’t handle the Great Lakes winters for long.

Of course, I’ve always loved to travel, too, and couldn’t wait to live on my own (or within the relatively independent, easy cocoon of college). So I packed my bags and moved on down to Virginia and have been there ever since. I’ve since graduated from college and am contemplating (i.e. being scared shitless by) the prospect of grad. school.

Just a little background that I realized I hadn’t already posted. Hopefully, one large Golden Guernsey cow is coming up.


2 thoughts on “Let’s start at the very beginning…

  1. The cow has arrived. And actually, it was colder in Roanoke when I got back! Finally seems back to normal this week, i.e. the 40’s.

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