Dinner in Brew City

I did have a nice chauffeured trip to the big city—Milwaukee—tonight, courtesy of my adopted lil’ sis, the Bee, and her fiancé, I. Got to meet their cute, grey kitty, see their fabulously old-style apartment (with lots of nice original wood touches), and ate dinner here. Definitely an unapologetically hipster hangout,  I found the Hi-Fi Cafe menu comforting and appealing, both because it didn’t veer too far afield from the menus of other coffee shops I’ve eaten at and enjoyed and because it offered quite the vegetarian selection. (Oh, you didn’t realize you were reading a blog by a vegetarian? Don’t worry, I don’t think I’m too pretentious, but hop off the train now if you must.)

Avo sandwich from HiFi CafeI had the Avo Sandwich—avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, onion, sprouts, mayo, and I opted stupidly for no Dijon—which was large, creamy, and yummers. I say stupidly because, even though I generally *strongly* dislike mustard, I realized as soon as I had taken my first bite that the sandwich would’ve fared better with a bit more punch. Like I said, it was creammmmy. It came with some pasta salad which reminded me of a pasta salad trying to be as good as the Greek pasta salad at Roanoke’s own Wildflour Cafe. It didn’t succeed, but it was an admirable try. A mint mocha followed everything up, smooth and sweet. And other than the smoke, which got stronger as the night went on, the atmosphere was relaxed. I particularly enjoyed the dark, weirdly foetus-like art (what, that doesn’t sound relaxing to you??), although I can’t show you any of that here—copyright. And I didn’t get the artist’s name. Ooops. Next time.

I would definitely go back to try other sandwiches or the allegedly excellent vegan/vegetarian chili and to have some more of the lovely coffee. Incidentally, there’s another restaurant across the street called Honeypie, which I didn’t try but have been told is severely lacking in the service department. Also, they’re apparently big on pork (which wouldn’t do for me personally); but more importantly, shouldn’t a place called Honeypie be a bakery? You decide.

Merry KISS-mas doll

Merry KISS-mas from HiFi!

Hi-Fi Cafe
2640 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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