I went where?

Happy birthday to my new endeavor, the You Went Where? blog! (It’s a Christmas baby.) I hope to entertain you with my journeys and shed light on some kitschy, fun, largely unknown, or just plain beautiful places in this wide world of ours.

I traveled quite a bit in the past but am seriously lacking fundage at the moment; so bear with me as my first adventures may be near rather than far. If I can find a good scanner to use, I may take you back in time for some adventures from back in the day. Also note that one can “go” to many different kinds of places… I don’t plan on this being a typical travel blog. We may well try to travel inside my cat’s mind at some point.

Anyways, wish me luck, as I’ve previously had a problem with blogging/journaling consistently—trying to get over that. Merry Christmas!


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